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Dangerous Defects

Do not drive until repaired ‘Dangerous Defects’ is not something you want to see on an MOT failure notification. If your car fails on an MOT item which is in the “Dangerous” category, you are advised that the vehicle is dangerous to drive and therefore you should not drive that vehicle on the road, even if…


Huge ‘Dangerous Defects’ Increase

Even though ‘Failure Rates’ have reduced. In late September, The ‘Sun’ newspaper reported on findings from ‘’ that data they’d collected on failure rates from 50 Testing Stations indicated that petrol vehicles’ fail rates increased by 12% and diesel vehicles’ by 24% since the changes on the 20th May. After checking the data with the…


Electric Goods Vehicles

New Laws Concerning Electric Vehicles Electric Goods Vehicles Electric Goods Vehicles now need an MOT. From  Saturday 1 September 2018, electric vans will no longer be exempt from the MOT if they: have a gross weight not exceeding 3,500kg were first registered on or after 1 March 2015 Consequently these vehicles will need their first…


Scrap the MOT

“Scrap the MOT! …and spend the money on improving drivers skills” says the Adam Smith Institute. ‘Scrap the MOT’ was the message sent out by the Adam Smith Institute. The institute are a right wing think-tank and published this report in national newspapers in late July. The Institute suggested that such a move would save…



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