Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

With so much talk with regards the ban of sale of petrol and diesel vehicles. Surly Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCV) are a better solution and the way forward?

It takes a minimum of half an hour to charge an Electric Vehicle (EV). Service stations and charging points will not be able to keep up with demand. The most important thing is that the infrastructure simply is not there to cope with the millions of EV’s that will be needed. There will have to be a charging point at either every home, but you need to firstly have off road parking.

In places like Gillingham, parking is of a premium and you can seldom park immediately outside your house. Some people are very protective over their chosen parking space and I can foresee disagreements over who can park where.

Why is Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (HFCV) technology being overlooked by many manufacturers? Firstly, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles will do an average of 300 miles on a tank of fuel. Anothr key factor is they only take a few minutes to refuel, much the same as petrol and diesel cars.


Would it not be more cost effective for fuel filling stations to be converted? They could then supply hydrogen rather than investing in new infrastructure for Electric Vehicle charging points.

Technological advances are constantly being made. The Hydrogen or EV of today will probably not be what we will be driving in the future. Hydrogen Hybrid is probably where we end up.

In conclusion, all manufacturers have dabbled in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles over the past 20 years. There are four main manufacturers who currently have Hydrogen models that if not already, will be available to purchase soon.

These manufacturers are: –

I have found Riversimple to be a very interesting concept. They have a totally different business model that has not been seen in this industry sector before.

For more information look at this link that is on youtube that has been produced by ‘fullychargedshow’


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