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First of all Brakes Cooling Diagnostics Engine Steering Exhausts Transmission Tyres Aircon Medway


Has your vehicle got a problem with its brakes? Then Auto Experts Medway is the garage to use. We can deal with all your brake problems. Grinding noise, creeping pedal or a warning light illuminated, these are all faults that we can rectify. Don’t hesitate book your vehicle in so that our mechanics can check your brakes.


Has your vehicle got overheating problems or is it loosing coolant? Your vehicles cooling system keeps your engine running at the correct temperature. A lack of coolant could be costly so keep checking your cooling system levels. If you notice any symptoms then it should be checked as soon as possible.


Has your vehicle got an engine management light on? Then let us conduct a vehicle diagnostics check on your vehicle. We can simply read the fault codes or carry out a full diagnostics check to establish if you vehicle is performing efficiently. Visit our electrical section to find out more.


Does your vehicle need it’s cambelt changed? The majority of engines will suffer extreme damage should a cambelt snap or a tensioner give way through wear and tear. Check our engines section for more information.

Steering & Suspension:

Has your vehicle got a steering fault or a rattle from a suspension component? There are many parts that are classified as steering and suspension. Click on our suspension tab to find out more.


Does your vehicle sound louder than normal or can you hear a blowing noise that you are unsure off. Book your car in so that we can check your exhaust system. There are many parts to an exhaust system follow the link to our exhaust section and familiarise yourself with the different components.


Does your vehicle struggle to drive up hills or does it have a clicking noise when steering on full lock. Both these faults could have something to do with faulty transmission. See our transmission section for information on the most common faulty components.


Has your tyres simply worn out or does one tyre constantly loose pressure. We can supply and fit tyres and carry out puncture repairs. Check our tyre section to see what to look out for.

Air Conditioning:

Does your vehicle’s air conditioning no longer blow cold air or does your heater blower only work on one setting. These are faults that we can check out for you. See our air condition section for more free advice.

As a result Brakes Cooling Diagnostics Engine Steering Exhausts Transmission Tyres Aircon Medway

Furthermore Brakes Cooling Diagnostics Engine Steering Exhausts Transmission Tyres Aircon Medway


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