Why Check Your Oil Level?

It has always amazed me when a customer rings up to book their car in because the engine management light has come on and when quizzed their cars oil level has not been checked.

The realities of the situation are, when the oil light illuminates, it is too late and you would have certainly caused some damage to your engine.

Even if you car is relatively new it could still use oil, an engine will eventually begin to wear out and use a little oil and if it is never checked when would you ever find out?

So make a point of checking your oil regularly. If your car is new to you, check firstly on a daily basis and after a few days you can then spread these checks out to weekly and if the levels still appear to be always correct you can then spread your checks to monthly.

It is so important to have the correct amount and grade of oil lubricating your engine. The oil in your engine does many things. It not only acts as a lubricant and helps to reduce friction and wear but it also can reduce noise, it helps keep the engine cool, can help to produce more power and clean combustion deposits. All this helps maintain the efficient running of the vehicle.

If the engine management light comes on, this could be due to the lack of oil circulating the engine. The engine could be on the verge of seizing up and will undoubtedly be running hotter. If the engine is running hotter than it could lead to a sensor failure. Many sensors have internal soldered joints that can become weak when exposed to hotter than normal temperatures. Weak joints are in danger of braking which could lead onto other running faults.

In summary check your vehicle’s engine oil regularly.

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