Web Based MOT system

The new web based MOT system is still erratic and not running smoothly. We are more than 3 weeks down the line and are still finding the new system to be unpredictable. We are receiving no feed back from the DVSA and no explanation to why there is an occasional glitch.

To get round the problems the DVSA are sending out a fallback contingency number on a daily basis which should be used when our testers have to hand write a certificate. This hand written document becomes a valid MOT and can be used when taxing a vehicle.

This is when the system simply does not work, because technically a vehicle’s MOT has been for a few years on a data base. In these situations the system needs to catch up, or in other words our testers need to log the vehicle back on and complete the necessary pass or fail information for the vehicle later in the day.¬†Even after this has been carried out we have been warned that it can take up to 5 working days for the government website to be updated.

We have also experienced problems with the website even when we have had no issue when testing. For example on Saturday 22nd August we had no trouble at all on that day, but we have just been informed by one of our customers that on the Government website it still shows that their car’s MOT has run out. I was initially concerned about this and carried out an investigation into our tests on and around this day and it transpires that all the MOTs that we conducted and passed on that day have not been updated on the government website. I also checked MOTs prior and since this date and all of them that were checked have been updated.

I printed off duplicate MOTs for the vehicles that are showing that they have expired and have assured the customer who rang in that they have indeed got an MOT on their car. None the less the customer is still concerned that they may get stopped by the Police until the government website is updated. I tried to contact the DVSA firstly by telephone, but the phone just constantly rang and was not answered. I then sent a message through the only other means available to me through ‘Feedback’ and again I have had not response back from the DVSA.

What amazes me is that if the DVSA system falters, then we are left to muddle through using contingency procedures. If our systems brake down, for example computer failure, loss of internet, or equipment failure we have to stop testing. What is also frustrating is that it appears that we are not able to contact the DVSA for answers.

On a positive note, when the system is working it appears to be very good and I am looking forward to getting through these initial teething problems.


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