Web based MOT system glitch

Auto Experts Medway rolled over onto the new web based MOT system last week – I would like to say it was glitch free but unfortunately it was not.

You would think that the DVSA would have thoroughly tested the system before its final roll out and recommendations announced prior to going live, but no. Many garages have experienced IT problems causing delays – DVSA’s quick fix to help the situation with these IT issues has been to send out a different incident number on a daily basis which should be used when registering the result of an MOT test at a later time.

Our main problem was a communication fault when it came to printing – We are using a desk top PC with ‘Windows 7 professional’ operating system and found by using ‘Google Chrome’ rather than ‘Internet Explorer’ cured our problem – This should have been thoroughly tested on all platforms with all operating systems with all the different search engines and this fault would have never been an issue.

Many garages across the country are being forced to turn down drivers in need of an MoT due to system glitches with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) new cloud-based MoT platform. The DVSA is aiming to make the switch to a new online MoT platform in September 2015, where garages will be able to use apps to record the data on phones and tablets. for more information – www.msn.com

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