Be assured that we will fit a replacement part Free of Charge, should a part that we have supplied and fitted to your vehicle fails within 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first)

Our company policy with regards warranty covers our labour and the manufacturer or supplier of the part cover the supply of the replacement part.

Extended Warranty:- Occasionally some manufacturers offer a more extended warranty. In which case the warranty period for the part we have fitted may be extended. Any extended parts warranty does not include the fitting of that warrantied part. We will charge labour to the customer for replacing any part that has been supplied Free of Charge by the manufacturer or supplier.

Exclusions:- Any warranty will become null and void, should it be found that early failure is due to other faulty parts being the causation.

Any warranty will become null and void, should it be found that the part has failed due to accident damage or misuse by the owner. Wheel bearing failure due to vehicle hitting a kerb or a worn out clutch plate due to slipping the clutch would be examples of this.

A copy of the invoice clearly showing the invoiced date which is in the name of the vehicle owner as proof of fitting, is required to instigate any warranty claim. The warranty is not transferable to any other person.


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