MOT - Basic Safety Check

MOT – Basic Safety Check

MOT – Basic Safety Check Think Carefully 

MOT – Basic Safety Check

My advice to everyone who is not going to have their vehicles MOT or a ‘Basic Safety Check’ carried out for another 6 months to…

Think carefully before you consider allowing the MOT  exemption to happen on your vehicle MOT – Basic Safety Check

The problem I can foresee: –

  • The MOT is a basic safety check and not having your car checked could end up costing you money.
  • April – June is a good time to have an MOT carried out. Moving your MOT back 6 months will push it towards a time of year that is normally quite expensive i.e. The run up to Christmas.
  • If you are driving a dangerous vehicle the DVSA warn that you could face fines of up to £2500, banned from driving and get penalty points on your licence. So, you need to be sure that your vehicle is indeed roadworthy.
  • Our workshop is constantly busy. We conduct an average 35 MOTs per week. In 6 months, we are going to have to try and conduct twice the amount of MOTs on a weekly basis. We only have time to carry out 9 MOTs per day (45 per week). This will mean that we will potentially have 25 disappointed customers on a weekly basis because we cannot fit their vehicle in.
  • There are going to be more and more un-roadworthy vehicles on the road. The current national failure rate average for vehicles is more than 33%. This means that 1 in 3 cars presented for an MOT will fail this basic safety check.
  • Our current MOT price is £45 which is VAT exempt – If you want us to do exactly the same checks to keep your vehicle safe we will normally have to charge VAT. This would mean that the same safety check would potentially cost you an extra £9 (£54 in total)

Common faults we experience whilst doing an MOT

  • Oil level low – In 6 months it might be time for a new engine to be fitted.
  • Cords exposed on the inner edge of a tyre – A tyre with exposed cords is due to blow out
  • Coil spring fractured or broken – This could completely dislodge and cause a tyre to burst.T – Basic Safety Check

I strongly advice that you either book your MOT test as normal or alternatively book in with us for at least a Basic Safety Check for your own peace of mind.

Auto Experts are offering anyone who has been forced to self-isolate, a collection and delivery service. This service is FREE of Charge from anywhere within the Medway Area. (This collection and delivery service was previously only offered if your MOT was booked with a Service) This offer comes with the added security that we have our own distancing and protection measures in place.

See our website News Post or ring us for further information. MOT – Basic Safety Check

Auto Experts are currently offering a Safety check that covers all the necessary checks for £40 inc. VAT to try and keep your vehicle safe (this is a whopping discount of £14 off  what we would normally charge)

MOT – Basic Safety Check

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