Petrol Engine Carbon Clean

Hy Carbon Petrol Engine Cleaning

Hy-Carbon engine cleaning is a way of cleaning away the build-up of carbon deposits from the inside workings of an engine.

Auto Experts have invested in the equipment to carry out this service.

The benefits are:

  • Rejuvenates engine performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Eliminates carbon deposits (soot)
  • Eliminates black smoke
  • Cleans fragile and expensive engine parts
  • Helps secure a passing MOT test
  • Increases your car’s lifespan

Look at the results from a Volkswagen Polo petrol engine that was struggling to go through its MOT emissions test. Notice the CO% came down from an average of 0.274 to 0.104 and look at the HC (Hydro Carbons which is unburnt fuel that is being wasted) down from 145 to 6.

What does this cost?

Auto Experts are charging £80 for the 1.5 hours clean. See our current offer for this service on our Vehicle Servicing page

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