Diesel Emissions Clean

Hy Carbon Diesel Engine Cleaning

Hy Carbon Diesel Engine Cleaning is a way of cleaning away the build-up of carbon deposits from the inside workings of an engine.

Auto Experts have invested in the equipment to carry out this service.

The benefits are:   

  • Rejuvenates engine performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Eliminates carbon deposits (soot)
  • Eliminates black smoke
  • Cleans fragile and expensive engine parts
  • Helps secure a passing MOT test
  • Increases your car’s lifespan

Does this same principle work on Petrols?

The answer is YES! Go to our other post that shows the results of a Volkswagen Polo petrol engine clean.

We tested and made comparisons of quite a few diesels and in 90% of cleans, improvements where noticed.

The owner of this 2010 Mazda 6 diesel 2.2 litre drives 60 miles a day to and from work. You would not think that this car would suffer with a carbon build up so this would be a good way of highlighting the improvement after carrying out a Hy Carbon Diesel Engine Cleaning process.

The Process:

We warmed up the car and carried out a smoke test when the oil temperature got to 80 degrees Celsius. Look at the picture and you will notice that the ‘Absorption Coefficient’ reading before the Hy-Carbon cleaning process was 0.69 1/m

To understand what ‘Absorption Coefficient’ means, in layman’s terms it is how quickly the light passes through what is emitted from the vehicle’s exhaust (i.e. Smoke through a unit of a 1 metre thickness of air). The smaller the number, the more transparent the smoke is and the better and cleaner the engine is.

We carried out the 1.5-hour Carbon Cleaning process and the car was then taken for a short drive to clear any remaining hydrogen from the engine. After this drive, we allowed for the engine to cool so that we could get a like for like comparison.

The car was retested at 80 degrees Celsius and the Absorption Coefficient amount of emitted smoke had reduced to 0.28 1/m

Moreover the owner has noticed that the car’s engine appears quieter and feels much more responsive, especially on first start up.

What does this process cost?

Auto Experts charge £80 for the 1.5 hours clean. See our Carbon Cleaning Offer on our Vehicle Servicing Tab.

Call Auto Experts now and book in your vehicle to have this carried out – 01634 851451

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