Hy Carbon Cleaning Service

Hy Carbon Cleaning Service

Why is carbon cleaning necessary?

The Hy Carbon cleaning service is an economical way of keeping the inside of your engine clean.

The combustion process causes soot deposits inside your engine to form. Cylinders, pistons, particulate filters, EGR valves and turbos can all be affected.
These clogged parts prevent the engine from functioning properly. If carbon deposits are not removed, faults can occur. Costs can soon mount up, you can expect around £300 per EGR valve and up to £1750 for a turbo.

How can the Hy Carbon station help?

Firstly this technology is certified by the Ministry of Transport. Secondly, in France the Bureaux Veritas also acknowledges the benefits of a Hy Carbon cleaning service. This is because they know that it offers a unique and patented solution to engine clogging.

The Hy Carbon cleaning service removes carbon deposits by injecting hydrogen into the intake manifold. This technology originated from the industrial world and is recognised by the press for its reliability.

The hydrogen passes through the engine and regenerates all its components. This will save you money because in the long run once regenerated, the engine rediscovers its torque. Faults are corrected and pollutants are reduced by more than half this will help towards a cleaner environment.

Why choose hy carbon cleaning service over chemical additives?

Hydrogen carbon cleaning is a natural phenomenon. It helps the air/fuel mixture within your combustion engine and as a result will save you money.

This effective cleaning process is non aggressive. Its non aggressive because it does not introduce any corrosive chemicals. The carbon deposits are simply dissolved in the engine and are naturally expelled. It does this by collecting the exhaust fumes in a vehicle’s filter designed for this purpose.

Hy carbon cleaning avoids the use of chemical products that can have an unknown secondary effect. Call Auto Experts today and opt for a professional carbon clean that will regenerate your engine.

Call Auto Experts, prices start from £80 inc. VAT (go to our ‘Vehicle Servicing tab for a reduced price discount)


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