Some Diesel engines today have been designed to run so efficiently that during an MOT emissions smoke test, the emissions are so low that the smoke tester is unable to give a reading. This is due to the Catalyst and DPF both doing their jobs efficiently.

This is surely a good thing? But what some drivers are finding is that due to some peoples driving habits, there can be a clogging problem with some diesel engines that use a DPF.

To help keep your vehicle’s DPF clean, your vehicle should regularly be driven at high revs, (This does not necessarily mean high speed). what this does, is help regenerate your diesel vehicle’s DPF and burns off any soot build up within the filter itself.

If your diesel vehicle regularly only does around town driving then before you carry out this regeneration process it would help if you added DPF cleaner to your fuel to help this cleaning process take place.

Click here to watch this Aftermarket News Bulletin that explains all about Diesel Particulate Filters.

If your driving habits do not include the occasional motorway trip then you need to consider some cleaner and a regeneration.

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