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The Government has released a new website where users can check the MoT history of any UK car by simply inputting in the make and registration number. The new service promises to be an invaluable tool for used car buyers.

The site gives detailed information of the car’s MoT history such as the dates of all the previous tests, the MoT test number, the mileage when tested, and most importantly whether the car passed or not.

If the car has failed, the site even tells users what the reasons for failure were. Advisory notices such as worn tyres, brake pads, or corrosion, for example, are also highlighted. This will prove hugely helpful for second hand car buyers, as it will create much-needed transparency between the buyer and seller.

For those in need of an update when next to test the roadworthiness of their car, the website even has a reminder on when your latest MoT certificate runs out.

The site is currently in its ‘Beta’ form, meaning it is still under development by the Government.

The DVSA is also developing another site that allows users to see further details of any registered car. The second ‘Beta’ website allows users to see when the vehicle was first registered; its CO2 emissions, tax band and when their next tax payment is due.

While the UK’s MoT reforms have come under criticism of late, the moves for greater transparency are clearly a step in the right direction, as any used car buyer will benefit greatly from the use of both sites.

Visit the new MOT website here

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