Does your clutch judder, slip or make a noise?

Can you hear a clicking noise, feel a vibration or lost drive? Then Medway’s Auto Experts Medway Chatham is the garage to use for all your wheel bearings, drive shaft and transmission faults. There are a number of reasons why your clutch might slip, make a noise or Judder, The most common reason will be because it has worn out.

Medway’s Auto Experts Medway have a great team of vehicle technicians who are able to cure your judder or slipping problems click on the clutch tab for more information. Is your gearbox or driveshaft making a noise? Can you feel a vibration through your steering wheel or is the whole vehicle shaking?

Book your car in with us at Medway’s Auto Experts Medway based in central Chatham – Call us on 01634 405757

You might have lost drive completely or you may be able to hear a wheel bearing droning noise. Why not get your vehicle into our Chatham workshop and allow us to diagnose the fault. We will then advice you on the best course of action.

Does your vehicle struggle to drive up hills or did that lost drive fault begin with a clicking noise when steering on full lock?

All these faults could have something to do with faulty transmission. Auto Experts Medway’s staff are all experienced technicians and are able to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s transmission faults from our central base in Chatham, Medway.

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Does your vehicles clutch feel worn out? Does it crunch or is it juddering? Is it slipping when driving up hill or is there a burning smell or a noisy bearing?

Drive Shafts

Does your car or vehicle have a vibration from Driveshaft? Is there a clicking noise from a constant velocity joint on full lock? Is your inner CV gaitor split?

Fly Wheels

Does your vehicle have a vibration when driven? Do you have Clutch judder or a noisy release bearing? Is your dual mass flywheel worn out and juddering?

Gearboxes (Automatics)

Has your Automatic vehicle got a gearbox problem? Slipping, flaring, dragging or laboring? Has it got a loss of drive? Does it need to have the gearbox oil renew or replaced?

Gearboxes (Manuals)

Is your vehicle jumping out of gear? Does the Manual Gearbox crunch? Will it not go in gear? Is it leaking oil, whining, droning or chattering? Does it have a gearshift selector fault?

Prop Shafts

Has your vehicle got a vibration or noise when driven at speed? Is the universal coupling or doughnut joint split and worn? Your car may need the propshaft replaced.

Rear Axles

Is your vehicle’s halfshaft leaking oil? Is the rear differential droning? Is your car’s trailing arm bush split and needs to be replaced? Is there play in rose joint? Your vehicle’s stub axle may be worn.

Wheel Bearings

Does your vehicle's wheel bearing sound rough? Is it grinding or has a droning noise? Excessive brake pedal travel due to movement or play?

CV Joints and Gaitors

Does your vehicle have a droning vibration or clicking noise when driven? This could be a CV joint worn. PMC in Chatham Medway can diagnose and replace constant velocity joints or secure and fit a split CV gaitor

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