Does your vehicle need a cambelt fitted or timingbelt changed?

Does the head gasket need to be replaced or has it got an engine valve, turbo or camshaft fault? The majority of engines will suffer extreme damage should a timingbelt snap or a tensioner give way through wear and tear. All cambelts require replacement at regular intervals. Medway’s Auto Experts Medway in Chatham is the garage to use.

Book your car in with us at Medway’s Auto Experts Medway based in central Chatham – Call us on 01634 405757

We can advice you when your vehicles timing belt should be replaced. All we require is the registration number and mileage and we should be able to give you advice on the change intervals.

Full exchange engines, cylinder heads and head gasket replacements are not that common a practice but can be expensive when necessary. Regular oil changes with the correct grade of oil will help protect your engine, as well as using the many various additives available today. They include Turbo cleaners, valve carbon deposit cleaners and oil flushing agents.

We recommend using all of them to keep your engine performing efficiently.

Are you worried about turbo or camshaft or timing chain noise? Has your vehicles head gasket gone? Then contact Auto Experts Medway, we can fit a new turbo, change your vehicles head gasket or fit a new camshaft at our fully equipped workshop in Chatham at the heart of Medway.

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Cam Shafts

Tapping, ticking noise from top of engine? Signs of an oil leak resulting in excessive usage? This could be your vehicles camshaft worn or camshaft oil seal leaking.

Cambelt Change

Does your cambelt need to be replaced? Is there a noise from a tensioner pulley or has it broken or snapped?

Cylinder Head

Head gasket leaking gases? Low compression from a cylinder? Does the head need to be renewed repaired or replaced.

Fan Belts

Fan belt slipping causing a squeal or squeak noise? Auxiliary drive belt snapped causing a warning light to come on?

Cylinder Head Gasket

Does your vehicle have an oily water sludge mix in the coolant or engine? Is the engine overheating or does it have a running problem? Is steam or smoke coming from your exhaust or is the engine suffering with low compression?

Oil Pumps

Is your oil warning light on? It could be a sign that your oil pump is faulty and may need to be replaced.

Timing Chain

Does your engine have a rattle noise from the timing chain? Has it got a running problem due to worn timing chain guides.


Does your engine whistle when you accelerate? Can you hear a squeal from the turbo charger? Excessive oil loss and smoke from your exhaust pipe can be signs that your turbo needs replacing.


Does your engine misfire or have a running problem? Is there excessive smoke coming from the exhaust? Low compression could mean that you have a burnt out valve or the valve seats may be suffering with carbon deposits.

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