Is your vehicle’s blowers only blowing on one setting?

Are the blowers only blowing hot or cold? Is only one vent blowing air? Is there a strange noise or burning smell? Auto Experts Medway can test heater resistors in Chatham in Medway.

Ventilation System Explained:

Modern cars are designed to have a constant through-flow of fresh air that keeps the interior atmosphere pleasant even with all the windows shut. The incoming cold air can be heated by the engine to keep the windows clear of mist and the car interior at a chosen temperature.
Air enters a large duct at the front of the car commonly through grilles in the scuttle panel, They are placed so that when the car is moving the entry point is in a high-pressure area and air is forced in. From there it goes to the Heater, which warms it if required.

How it works:

The incoming air can be heated as it enters the cabin. It does this by allowing air to pass though the fins of a mini radiator or Heater Matrix. This is normally situated in a heater box behind the dash board.
Air blowers then blow the air through the front foot-wells and through vents on the dashboard. By changing the position of flaps and vents, they can be adjusted to point at the windscreen, the side windows or alternatively at the faces of the front-seat occupants.

The Resistor:

The air blowers switch runs through a resistor which alters the power to the blowers. A resistor restricts the power running through the heaters electrical system, as you turn the blower switch up the resistors resistance lessens allowing more power to pass through to the blower motor causing the fan to spin faster.
At the rear there are exit vents to the outside. They are in an area of low pressure when the car is moving, and so extract air, thus giving a constant through-flow.

Common Faults:

The most common fault with regards heating blower systems is the blowers stop working on all the different settings. This is normally due to the resistor burning out. Another common fault can be wiring to either the resistor or blower motor. They can become warm and over time cause a poor connection. In extreme circumstances this can cause a burning smell and will require early investigation to rectify any potential fire hazard from occurring.

Why Choose Auto Experts Medway?

We at Auto Experts Medway in Medway have established a superb reputation for high quality replacement services, refer to our testimonials from our customers from Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester on our testimonial page.
On many occasions when carrying out a diagnosis a partial strip down is necessary. Should you agree to have any necessary work completed at this time, this initial diagnosis becomes free due to the fact that your vehicle has been partially stripped down already.

So if your vehicle is only blowing on one setting, if there is a burning smell, your vehicle may have a resistor or wiring fault. Come to Auto Experts Medway in Chatham, we can diagnose why your heater blowers are constantly blowing hot or cold. Perhaps there is a noise coming from the vents due to debris fall out like twigs or leaves, we can test your vehicles heating system. We are close to both Gillingham and Rochester in Medway making us the idea garage for shoppers and commuters.

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