MOT exemption

MOT exemption

MOT exemptions of up to 6 months

You might have seen the latest News with regards getting an MOT exemption on your vehicle to help combat the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

If not this is what has been announced.

If your vehicle’s MOT runs out before 30th March

You will need to get it MOT’d unless you are self-isolating or are extremely vulnerable from coronavirus.

Here is the link to the DVSA government information site with regards an MOT exemption: –

If your vehicle’s MOT runs out after the 30th March

Your MOT due date will be extended for 6 months meaning that you do not technically require to have an MOT test until 6 months after its expiry date.


If your MOT runs out on the 3rd April 2020 then it will automatically be extended to 3rd October 2020

Here is the link to the DVSA government information site with regards this MOT exemption: –

Think Carefully before postponing.

My advice to everyone is think carefully before considering allowing this MOT exemption to happen. My first thoughts are, that this is a fantastic idea.

Be warned, the DVSA do explain that you must make sure your vehicle is safe to drive (‘roadworthy’). It clearly states that a vehicle can be unsafe to drive even if your vehicles MOT expiry date has been extended.

You could be fined up to £2500 and be banned from driving and get penalty points for driving a dangerous vehicle.

If you consider the safety implications. There are going to be more and more un-roadworthy vehicles on the road. The current failure rate of vehicles on average nationally, is more than 33%. This means that 1 in 3 cars presented for an MOT will Fail.

Tyres are one of the key reasons of failure see our January News Letter on our website that explains more.

Difference between an MOT and a Safety Check

You might also be thinking that this is going to save you money. Currently our MOT price is £45 which basically covers the time we take on average to carry out an MOT. This £45 charge is exempt from VAT because it is deemed a safety necessity.

If you wish us to carry out a check on your vehicle to ensure that it is indeed roadworthy. We can spend the same amount of time conducting all the same safety checks and come back with any advices. This safety check would unfortunately be subject to a VAT charge of 20%.

This means that we could do the same job, but it would be £9 more, because it is now subject to the VAT charge.

Another factor to consider is, if your vehicles MOT currently expires on 3rd June 2020, after the DVSA roll the MOT date on 6 months then you will have to have an MOT carried out on your vehicle on the 3rd December just as we are coming up towards that expensive time of the year, namely Christmas. So, to avoid this situation, why not just continue having your MOT carried out at the correct time and only consider moving the date if it is really necessary to do so.

Our Current Covid-19 Policy

Auto Experts have already announced that we have our own procedures in place to combat the spread. We can arrange for collection and delivery of your vehicle anywhere within the Medway area. With the added protection that you can pay for any works that we carry out over the phone, minimising any direct contact.

You could work this to your advantage.

If your vehicle’s MOT expiry date is coming up, you now have some options that you need to carefully consider. You could work the situation to your advantage.

You have the opportunity to move your MOT date away from where it currently is, to a date that better suits you.

I hope this post has highlighted not only the positive nature with regards how the DVSA are trying to support everyone at a time of need, but also has highlighted some pitfalls that you might want to avoid.


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