Speed awareness courses could invalidate insurance

It emerges motorists could be risking huge problems if they fail to tell insurers about courses.

Insurers have admitted they treat speed awareness courses the same as penalty points and it is now feared that failing to declare taking part in course could invalidate your policy.

The courses, which cost between £80 and £150, allow drivers to avoid penalty points on their licences.

Campaigners said this lulls many motorists into a false sense of security that they do not have to declare the course to insurers, in the hope their premiums will not rocket for a speeding-related offence.

However, insurers usually operate a “catch all” clause in their policies about keeping them informed about factors which may affect your driving, and failing to declare a course could lead them to cancel cover in the event of an accident, experts say “You should make sure your insurer know that you’ve been on a course regardless of whether they specifically ask for that information.
If you are involved in an accident and the insurer looks into your history and sees you’ve been on a speeding course they could say ‘You didn’t tell us about this, you’re not covered’.”


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