Coil Spring

Is your vehicles suspension lower on one side? Is there knocking noises or rattles over bumps?

It could be that your coil spring is fractured, snapped or broken. Auto Experts Medway in Chatham Medway can replace or renew all types of suspension components.

Suspension is the word that collectively describes a number of vehicle components that include coil springs, shock absorbers, linkages even the tyres and the air in the tyres contribute towards a vehicles road holding and handling.

A suspensions purpose is to keep vehicles occupants comfortable and a ride quality reasonably well isolated from road noise, bumps, rattles, knocking and vibrations.

Coil Spring:

A coil spring is one part of the Macpherson strut which is typical to many types of car suspension systems today. The Macpherson strut uses the top of a telescopic damper which is in cased by a coil spring and has a bearing as the upper steering pivot. It is widely used in the front suspension of modern vehicles and is named after Earle S. Macpherson, who developed the design.

Common Faults:

The most common fault with the Macpherson strut is a fractured, snapped, or broken spring. A coil spring is under immense pressure and should the spring fracture or snap it could become dislodged. The vehicle may appear lower or the jagged edge of the spring could stab into the tyre causing further damage and expense as well as being extremely dangerous.

Should you hear a knocking noise over bumps then it could be that the top mount bearing has worn. The top mount may creak on turning which could be a sign that the bearing has become dry and will need to be renewed because it has worn out.

It is important for the suspension to keep the road wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible, because all the road or ground forces acting on the vehicle do so through the contact patches of the tyres.

Why Choose Auto Experts Medway?

We at Auto Experts Medway in Medway have established a superb reputation for high quality replacement services, refer to our testimonials from our customers from Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester on our testimonial page.
On many occasions when carrying out a diagnosis a partial strip down is necessary. Should you agree to have any necessary work completed at this time, this initial diagnosis becomes free due to the fact that your vehicle has been partially stripped down already.
So if your vehicle has a knocking noise or a rattle when driving? If it is creaking when cornering or the coil spring has fractured, snapped or broken? It may be need to be renewed. Come to Auto Experts Medway in Chatham we are close to both Gillingham and Rochester in Medway making us the idea garage for shoppers and commuters.

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