Is your exhaust manifold cracked, blowing or just noisy?

We can repair or replace it at our fitting centre in Chatham near Gillingham and Rochester in Medway. Renewing a manifold can be an expensive job but Auto Experts Medway in Chatham who are based in the centre of Medway and close to both Gillingham and Rochester areas are equipped to carry out this type of repair and are often able to offer a cheaper alternative and ensure what type of repair suits your own individual budget.


In most engines, the manifold is an assembly designed to collect the exhaust gas from the cylinder head into one pipe. Manifolds are often made of cast iron and may have material-saving design features that use the least metal as to occupy the least space necessary, or have the lowest production cost.

These design restrictions often result in a design that is cost effective but that does not do the most efficient job of venting the gases from the engine. The manifold by the nature of what they do become extremely hot when the engine is running and touching any part of the exhaust can be extremely dangerous. Some manifolds include the exhaust catalyst as a part of its design.

Engineers who design engine components choose conventional cast iron exhaust manifolds because of superior longer lasting attributes ore than any other type of exhaust outlet design.

Common Faults:

A common fault with a manifold is generally a leaking gasket or cracked manifold. Should a manifold require repair or replacement then complete removal is not always an easy job. There is always the risk that a stud may snap during removal and renewing studs or nuts are a common occurrence.

Why Choose Auto Experts Medway?

We at Auto Experts Medway in Medway have established a superb reputation for high quality replacement services, refer to our testimonials from our customers from Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester on our testimonial page when it comes to renewing or fitting car parts.
On many occasions when carrying out a diagnosis a partial strip down is necessary. Should you agree to have any necessary work completed at this time, this initial diagnosis becomes free due to the fact that your vehicle has been partially stripped down already.
So if your vehicle sounds noisy, has a rattle, is blowing or simply sounds loud. Come to Auto Experts Medway in Chatham we are close to both Gillingham and Rochester in Medway making us the idea garage for shoppers and commuters.

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