Timing Chain

Does your engine have a rattle noise from the timing chain?

Has it got a running problem due to worn timing chain guides then Auto Experts Medway in Chatham near Gillingham and Rochester in the centre of Medway

What is a Timing Chain?

A timing chain is a part of an internal combustion engine that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft so that the engine’s valves open and close at the proper times.

In an interference engine the timing chain is also critical in preventing the piston from striking the valves. A timing chain offers more durability than the timing belt frequently used on more modern engines. A driving chain inside an internal combustion engine operates in a clean environment, and thus the wearing surfaces are safe from precipitation and airborne grit, many even in a sealed environment such as an oil bath.

Timing Chain Fault Symptoms:

It is unusual for a chain to wear to the point that it will require replacement. Worn teeth may no longer provide smooth transmission of power and this may become evident from the noise, vibration or the variation in ignition timing. A tensioner takes up the slack as the timing chain and plastic chain guides wear. A spring pushes the tensioner against one of the chain guides inside the timing cover.

An indication of a loose timing chain is a rattling noise, especially before the engine has warmed up. The noise will be recognizable as chain rattle at idle and may be loud enough to hear from inside the vehicle. In some cases the chain may become so loose it hits the timing cover known as “chain slap”.

Why Choose Auto Experts Medway?

We at Auto Experts Medway in Medway have established a superb reputation for high quality replacement services, refer to our testimonials from our customers from Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester on our testimonial page.

When the timing chain starts making a noise a partial strip down is necessary to carry out a diagnosis. The tensioner should be removed and inspected. We would recommend a replacement due to the fact that just to inspect would take as much time for an inspection as it would to replace. Should you agree to have any necessary work completed at this time, this initial diagnosis becomes free due to the fact that your vehicle has been partially stripped down already.

So if your vehicle has a rattle noise from the timing chain or has a running problem due to worn timing chain guides then come to Auto Experts Medway in Chatham we are close to both Gillingham and Rochester in Medway making us the idea garage for shoppers and commuters.

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