Starter Motors

Is your engine a non starter or is the engine just clicking, sticks or not turning over?

Does your battery feel dead needing a bump start to get it going? This could be a starter motor jamming fault. Auto Experts Medway is in the centre of Medway close to Chatham Town centre and railway station neighbouring both Gillingham and Rochester.

The Starter Motor:

A typical starter motor consists of the motor itself with a solenoid attached. The solenoid is similar in function to a relay. When the ignition key is turned to start the engine, current flows to the solenoid which is typically mounted on the starter motor.

The Solenoid:

The current activates an electro magnet in the solenoid which moves a pivoting operating lever engaging the starter motor drive gear into the flywheel ring gear. It simultaneously operates a plunger which connects the starter motor directly to the full output of the battery thus spinning the engine until it fires.

One reason why a motor becomes a non starter could be down to a faulty solenoid. Because most solenoids are a part of the motor today, should the solenoid fail then you will have to replace the whole starter motor. Auto Experts Medway from their Chatham based workshop in Medway is close to both Rochester and Gillingham and are equipped to diagnose and replace your vehicles starter motor.

How does it work:

The starter motor is a powerful electric motor designed to output a high torque for a short period. Prolonged use will burn it out so it uses a one way clutch system to disengage it and protect the starter motor from being rotated by the engine after starting.

Another reason why a starter motor becomes faulty causing the engine to be a non starter, is because the drive gear or bendix becomes worn. Should the gear teeth wear to excess they can begin jamming, stick or lock into the flywheel and fail to return. This is when your engine just clicks or just feels dead. This is why on occasions you can gently tap the side of the starter and this will disengage the gear allowing the starter to work again.

The Science Bit:

Electric motors use magnetism to create the rotation. If you place two magnets next to each other the S and N ends will pull together (opposites attract) If you try to put two N’s or two S’s together they will repel away from each other. In electric motors by constantly switching polarity via electro magnets the attracting of opposite poles and repelling of like poles is used to create rotational movement.

In its simplest form one rotation can be created by switching polarity twice but with more switching and more electro magnets the motor becomes more powerful.

Why Choose Auto Experts Medway?

We at Auto Experts Medway in Medway have established a superb reputation for high quality vehicle repair services, refer to our testimonials from our customers from Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester on our testimonial page.

Auto Experts Medway is in dead centre of Chatham and can diagnose a faulty starter. We are close to both Rochester and Gillingham and therefore are ideally situated to cover all areas of Medway.


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