Is your battery light on or is there a Squeak from the alternator pulley?

Has your vehicle got a squealing noise from a belt because the belt is slipping causing the battery to go flat? Auto Experts Medway in Chatham near Gillingham in Medway is the local garage based in Medway close to the centre of Chatham that can replace your vehicles alternator or auxiliary drive belt.

The Alternator:

The alternator is rotated by a drive belt driven by the crankshaft of the engine. If this belt is slipping it can make a squeal or squeaking noise and may cause the battery light to come on.

The pulley wheel can be seen on the outside of the alternator casing and is attached to a rotor inside. Because the pulley is rotating it creates a magnetic field through the rotating internal rotor. This magnetic field generates an alternating current in the fixed stator which surrounds the spinning rotor.

Should the pulley wheel become faulty it could make a noise and allow the belt to become loose and could cause the battery to go flat.

How It Works:

The diodes convert the alternating current to direct current suitable for charging the battery. An alternator has three internal charging circuits; each circuit has its own individual diode controlling the transfer of current from AC to DC. Loosing one circuit may cause the battery light to come on meaning that the alternator is not charging the battery enough. Should this happen turning off non essential appliances may be enough to help rectify the fault until you can get it replaced.

The voltage regulator prevents overcharging of the battery. Is your battery warning light shining this could mean your alternator is not charging? Is your engine slow to turn over, does it appear to jam or simply click, It could be that your vehicles starter motor or solenoid needs replacing.

Why Choose Auto Experts Medway?

We at Auto Experts Medway in Medway have established a superb reputation for high quality vehicle repair services, refer to our testimonials from our customers from Chatham, Gillingham and Rochester on our testimonial page.

Has your vehicle developed a lighting fault or has a bulb failure light appeared on your dash board? Electrical faults can be problematic, why not book you vehicle in and let our technicians find the fault for you from our Medway workshop in Chatham.

Has your vehicle got an engine warning sign illuminated? This can come on for many reasons and leave a fault code in the ECU memory. We can retrieve this code which will help to diagnose the fault.

So from just a simple fault code read or a full diagnostic check Auto Experts Medway from Chatham in Medway is the garage to use for all your vehicles electrical problems.

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