Has your vehicle got an engine warning light fault?

Then let Auto Experts Medway carry out an electrical diagnostics code read at our workshop in Chatham, Medway

Diagnostic readings are extremely important when it comes to diagnosing warning light faults or running problems, but read on for the most important diagnosis that needs to be carried out first.

Basic Checks:

The most important basic check that needs to be carried out first before a code reader or scanner is plugged in, is water and oil levels. This check should generally be carried out by the vehicle driver and may save you money in the long run.

Low oil or coolant levels will allow an engine to run hotter than normal. This factor alone can cause a sensor to malfunction.

Is your battery warning light shining this could mean your alternator is not charging? Is your engine slow to turn over, does it appear to jam or simply click, It could be that your vehicles starter motor or solenoid needs replacing.

Book your car in with us at Medway’s Auto Experts Medway based in central Chatham – Call us on 01634 405757

Has your vehicle developed a lighting fault or has a bulb failure light appeared on your dash board? Electrical faults can be problematic, why not book you vehicle in and let our technicians find the fault for you from our Medway workshop in Chatham.

Has your vehicle got an engine warning sign illuminated? This can come on for many reasons and leave a fault code in the ECU memory. We can retrieve this code which will help to diagnose the fault.

So from just a simple fault code read or a full diagnostic check Auto Experts Medway from Chatham in Medway is the garage to use for all your vehicles electrical problems.

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Is your Airbag (SRS) warning light on? This could be a seatbelt sensor connection or a control module at fault? PMC in Chatham near Rochester in Medway is the local garage in the centre of Medway close to Chatham town centre


Is your battery light on or is there a Squeak from the alternator pulley or a squealing noise from a belt because the belt is slipping causing the battery to go flat?


Is your battery warning light on? Will your engine not start? Are the terminals loose or does the battery need testing? It may have a dead cell in the battery.


Has your halogen headlight bulb blown needing to be replaced? fog lights not working, stop lights inop, indicator and rear light faults? do your vehicles bulbs keep blowing?


Is your engine juddering does it run rough or has a loss of power or misfire. EML warning light on, or not starting? Coil may not be sparking.


Does your engine misfire or judder causing the (EML) engine management warning light to come on?


Has your vehicle got an electrical wiring fault, Short circuit or relay problems? Does a bulb or fuse keep blowing?

HT Leads

Does your vehicles engine misfire, does it judder due to a running problem. This could be a HT lead breaking down or it may have a weak spark for some other reason.

Safety Restraint Systems (SRS)

Is your vehicles SRS warning light on? This is now an MOT failure and could simply be a connection problem or control module fault?


Is the red (EML) engine management warning light on? This could mean a faulty lambda or oxygen sensor. We can diagnose and replace all types of sensors including camshaft, crankshaft, map, knock, or mass air flow sensors.

Spark Plugs

Does your engine have a misfire or have a running problem, is there a juddering fault? This could be a weak spark plug causing loss of power.

Starter Motors

Is your engine a non starter or is the engine just clicking and not turning over? Does your battery feel dead needing a bump start to get it going? This could be a starter motor jamming fault.

Warning Lights

(EML) Engine management lights, EPS, EBD, EBL, DSC, ESC, TC, SRS and ABS, are all types of warning lights that could come on if a fault is present.


Is your washer motor not squirting or working? Is the pump faulty or is it simply leaking? Has a fuse blown or does it need to be replaced?

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