Is your car suffering with brake judder or are the brakes grinding, is there fluid loss or a squeaking noise.

Then Chatham’s leading garage in Medway, Auto Experts Medway is the garage to use. We can deal with all your brake problems.

It could be that you are worried about a warning light illuminated or the handbrake no longer holds on a hill. It may be that you have noticed that your brake fluid is leaking. These are all faults that we can rectify. Don’t hesitate book your vehicle in so that our mechanics can check your vehicles brakes.

Is your ABS light on or is a brake hose split? Both these faults would be an MOT failure. Are your brakes simply not very good or does your brake pedal feel too hard? This could be a brake servo problem.

Book your car in with us at Medway’s Auto Experts Medway based in central Chatham – Call us on 01634 405757

Does your vehicle simply need a brake fluid change or has your vehicle got Brake judder? This could mean that your vehicle requires new discs or they simply need a service.

A grinding noise could be a build up of surface rust on the disc or the pads and discs may need replacing. Worn out brake pads or brake shoes could cause in efficient brakes. We can deal with all these requests.

A squeaking noise could mean that your vehicle’s brakes require servicing this would include removing the rear drums, or it could be that your vehicle has an audible indicator telling you that your brake pads have all but worn out.

Having a brake warning light on might mean that your vehicle has brake fluid loss or it could be simply that the pads are about to wear out. It is always advisable to get any grinding noise, judder or leaking faults checked before they escalate causing unnecessary repair bills.

Fluid loss can be very dangerous it could be that a brake caliper, master cylinder or wheel cylinder is leaking; it could be that a metal brake pipe has corroded. Leaks could lead to brake failure. Auto Experts Medway is the garage to use in Medway.

Call us at our workshop in Chatham for all your vehicle’s braking needs, from noises to leaking fluid, we can cover everything.

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Anti-Lock Brakes

Has your car got an (ABS) Assisted Braking System fault? Many vehicles today have some kind of braking or steering stability assistance to help the driver keep control of the vehicle when needed. Individual manufactures may use different terminology (EBD) Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, (ESP) Electronic Stability Programme, (ESC) Electronic Stability Control, (EBL) Electronic Brakeforce Limitation, (TS) Traction Control (DSC) Dynamic Stability Control.

Brake Master Cylinder

Brake pedal creep, fluid loss or a brake warning light on, it could be your master cylinder failing.

Brake Callipers

Is your vehicle suffering with brake pedal creep, fluid loss or a brake warning light on? it could be that your brake caliper is failing.

Brake Discs

Can you feel brake pedal bounce, judder or hear a grinding noise? It could be that your brake discs have worn out and are warped. We are in Chatham near to both Gillingham and Rochester in the centre of the Medway towns and can deal with all your vehicles braking faults.

Brake Drums

If your vehicle has brake judder or a grinding noise, it could be that your brake drums are oval and worn out and need to be replaced. Auto Experts Medway in Chatham is one of the leading garages in Medway and can diagnose a faulty braking system and replace the necessary parts as required.

Brake Fluid Changes

Is your vehicle's brake pedal soft or spongy? Is the fluid low or needs to be changed or is the warning light on?

Brake Hoses

Are your vehicle brake hoses cracked or split? Is the fluid leaking or low and needs to be changed? Is the warning light on?

Brake Pads

Are your vehicle's brakes grinding, squealing or squeaking? Then your car’s brake pads may be worn and need to be replaced. Auto Experts Medway in Chatham near Rochester in Medway are the local garage close to Chatham town centre that can carry out this type of repair.

Brake Pipes

Are your car brake pipes corroded with rust or is the brake warning light on because there is fluid loss due to leakage? Auto Experts Medway in Chatham near Gillingham and Rochester in the centre of Medway can make up a brake pipe specifically to match your vehicle and change the corroded brake pipes as required.

Brake Servos

Is your brake pedal hard? Or is there a sucking/whooshing noise? Your vehicle may have a split breather or faulty servo.

Brake Shoes

Are your vehicle's brakes not holding? Are they jammed or locked on? Are they making a grinding noise, squeak or squeal? They may be worn out and need to be replaced.


Do your vehicle's brakes hold on or appear to stick? This could be your vehicle's brake shoes worn or wheel cylinders leaking? Our Chatham based garage in Medway is close to the towns of both Gillingham and Rochester and can carry out brake inspections and replace all types of braking systems.

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